Press Release: Acquires was an online store for guns, ammo, knives, and other hunting equipment. The domain was recently acquired by the owner of Content from has been archived.

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What Did Do? was an online storefront for a company that sold a wide range of hunting weapons and equipment. The store’s departments included handguns, rifles, shotguns, ammo, magazines, optics, knives, parts, and gear. 

The website offered an extensive selection of items. Hunters could find everything they needed from a single site, including all types of accessories. The store sold books, cleaning equipment, decoys, holsters, targets, tools, and more.

Shoppers had access to many items, affordable prices, and convenient policies. The website offered a layaway program to help hunters secure items for purchasing at a later date. All orders were completed following all applicable federal, state, and local laws. 

Along with selling guns and related products, the website published helpful blog posts. The posts included tutorials for hunters, such as a post on how to start hunting as an adult and an introductory article for new hunters. Visitors could find safety tips and suggestions for becoming a better hunter. Many of these same topics are also covered on, which is now the owner of the domain.

The website also kept visitors informed of the latest news in the firearms industry. Some of the last news stories covered introducing new gun products and major developments in the industry. 

What Does Do? is an educational website for those interested in improving their health and fitness through fun outdoor activities. The content on the website focuses heavily on hunting and exploring the outdoors. 

Visitors can learn more about hunting with different types of firearms, selecting archery equipment, and finding the best products. The website also contains helpful infographics for easy reference, including an infographic on properly removing an arrow from a target. 

The articles published on are informative and intended for both beginners and experienced hunters. Many articles also link to recommended products, allowing visitors to find the exact items discussed in reviews and advice articles.

Some of the hunting weapons discussed include: also discusses hunting with different types of ammunition, such as:

The founder of is a dedicated athlete and fitness enthusiast. His background in medicine and adult social care allowed him to assist his parents with various health struggles, including kidney disease and type 2 diabetes. The knowledge he gained through his training and experience led to the formation of

Along with the founder, has a staff comprised of a nutritionist and an avid hunter. The team at has diverse backgrounds and skills, providing readers with general health, fitness, and outdoor knowledge. appealed to hunters by offering a wide range of guns and equipment. Former customers are likely to find the content on beneficial. Several recent articles published on the website cover hunting topics, such as choosing compound and recurve bows and tips for hunting various animals.

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