Will Golden Malrin Kill Wild Hogs?

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Golden malrin is a popular fly and insect bait designed to attract and eliminate flying pests. But with the rise in wild hog numbers and no good ways of controlling them, many people often wonder if golden malrin can also be used to poison and reduce the numbers of pigs. So will golden malrin actually kill wild hogs?

Golden malrin can kill a wild hog if consumed in large enough quantities. However, it will take a tremendous amount per wild hog, and it still may not completely kill the animal. Other methods do a much better job at poisoning wild hogs, although this method of population control is illegal and causes unnecessary suffering from the animals.

Luckily there are plenty of other great ways to get rid of wild hogs in an area effectively. From other baits and repellents to more proactive methods, golden malrin does not have to be the only tool in your arsenal to help combat wild hogs.

Will Golden Malrin Kill Wild Hogs

What Will Poison Hogs?

Because wild hogs can cause such a nuisance and wreak havoc on areas, there is always a need to find the best possible ways to manage their numbers. Feral hogs can reproduce rapidly and are very hard to kill, making them nearly impossible to wipe out entirely. Poisoning them is a popular thought, although it is illegal in almost all areas. Surprisingly, it is not as effective as one might think, as wild hogs are immune to many different types of poison. 

In the United States, poisoning any animals is considered illegal and should not be done. In addition to this, wild hogs are notoriously difficult to poison anyways. While large amounts of golden malrin can do the job, it takes too much and is still not considered effective. Other baits, such as sodium nitrite, are much more effective and kill the hogs much quicker and efficiently. There are currently many efforts to approve sodium nitrite for widespread use on wild hog populations. It has few adverse effects on other wildlife and does a great job at quickly and effectively killing hogs that eat it. 

What Will Repel Wild Hogs?

If you cannot poison wild hogs, how can you at least repel them from an area? Many other substances do not poison the hogs but will act as a repellent to keep them from returning. These chemical repellents are available online or from stores and help keep hogs from specific areas. Knowing what is legal to use in your area before using any repellents or chemicals for the wild hogs is essential. 

Other methods include commercial lights and sounds that are used to scare away wild hogs as they come close. These are usually motion activated and placed in areas where wild hogs frequently visit, like feeding, water sources, or travel corridors. As the hogs come near, the flashing lights and loud noises will scare them away. They are much less prone to return to these areas where these traps are placed. 

How to Manage Wild Hog Populations

The most effective method of repelling and reducing wild hog numbers is trapping and hunting them. While poison can be better, it is still being studied and illegal in most areas. To keep wild hogs from returning to an area, creating an unwelcome environment is best. You can do this by continuing your trapping and hunting efforts, which will lead the hogs to learn that they are not welcome in the area. 

In addition to driving them out of the area, it will also help reduce their numbers over time. Again, poison is easily the most effective method to control the populations, but until it is legal and proved to be safe for other wildlife species, hunting and trapping will be the best options for managing wild hog populations. Trapping will allow you to catch and kill multiple hogs at once, while many states and areas allow wild hog hunting at night to help hunters kill hogs more effectively. Combining both strategies can help reduce feral hog numbers better than sticking to one or the other. 

What Is The Best Wild Hog Bait?

If you plan to reduce wild hog numbers via hunting and trapping, you will most likely need bait to attract them to a particular area. While golden malrin can be used, you will have much better success using other baits. These baits are easily found in your pantry or bought at the store. Remember, wild hogs have great noses and empty stomachs, so they will always be ready to eat almost whatever you decide to put out! 

Popular wild hog baits include corn, molasses, sugar, apple juice, dog food, peanut butter, soured fruits, and cheese. Any of these baits can be highly effective, although most seasoned hog hunters will rely on a base of soured corn and add in other objects as extras. Regardless of what bait you use, your trapping or hunting is sure to have much better success when you use the wild hogs’ nose to your advantage. 

Final Thoughts

While poison can be an effective method of controlling wild hog populations, golden malrin is not the best option out there. Designed to be a fly attractant and eliminator, golden malrin is outshined by other substances like sodium nitrite to poison hogs and eliminate them from an area. Of course, other methods are safer for controlling the hogs and not illegal, depending on the area.

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