Is Elk Meat Expensive?

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Elk are big animals that are very nutritious. Not only is their meat extremely healthy compared to others, but it is delicious as well. Elk meat, however, can be a little harder to find than other types of meat. This leads many to wonder, is elk meat expensive?

Elk meat is not as expensive as most wild game meat, but it does cost more than beef. In 2022, Ground elk meat can cost anywhere from $10 to $15 per pound, while roasts and steaks can cost anywhere from $12 to $30 per pound. 

Elk meat is much more accessible than most people realize and is not as pricey as they might believe. Continue reading to learn more about elk meat and what prices you can expect to pay for this delicious meat. elk meat 1

Is Elk Meat More Expensive Than Beef?

Beef is often the staple when most people think of meat. It is widely available and usually at reasonable prices. Elk, however, is much harder to find and, because of this, will cost more than beef. Wild elk meat that hunters harvest cannot be sold in the United States. 

Because elk meat is harder to acquire and fewer farms produce it than beef, this adds to the overall cost. While there are higher-priced meats, elk is generally more expensive than beef, pork, chicken, and bison. 

How Much Does Elk Meat Cost?

While the actual prices of meat will depend on supply, demand, and the processor, elk meat must come from approved elk farms and ranches, which will raise the price. It is generally more expensive than beef or pork. One pound of ground elk will typically cost between $10 to 15 dollars, while a pound of ground beef could cost $3 to $7. 

Other parts of the elk can cost much more because of the cut. The elk tenderloins, for example, are among the most expensive cuts of meat and could cost upwards of $50 per pound depending on the supplier. 

Is Elk Meat Better for You Than Beef?

One of the main reasons that some people prefer elk meat over beef is because of its nutritional value. Elk meat is extremely low in both fat and cholesterol. It only has around a fifth of the total amount of fat that beef does. Elk meat also has higher Omega 3, CLA, and other nutrients.

These natural nutrients, along with a great source of zinc, make elk meat a great fat-loss food and one that helps to protect and strengthen your immune system. 

Elk meat has fewer calories than the same amount of beef with a higher protein count. With so many additional health benefits (and a great taste), it is no wonder that more and more people are starting to add elk meat into their everyday diets. 

Where Can You Buy Elk Meat?

Elk meat is not sold in most grocery stores like beef or pork. There are some specialty markets where it can be found, although the easiest way of obtaining elk meat is getting it directly from the companies that handle it. As we mentioned earlier, wild elk meat is not allowed to be bought or sold due to the lack of regulations and testing for wild animals. 

In order to get elk meat directly from the farms and ranches, you can easily place orders on their websites. There are many great companies in the United States that raise elk in order to produce high-quality meat. 

Top 5 US Companies That Sell Elk Meat

Fossil Farms

Fossil Farms is a collaboration of multiple farms and ranches that provide all-natural, wild game meat from elk, deer, bison, and antelope. They even offer some exotic options like ostrich, alligator, camel, and kangaroo.

The company is based out of the state of New York but ships its wild game and exotic meats all over the world. You can order elk from their website at Fossil FarmsOpens in a new tab..

Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Company

The Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Company is based out of Wyoming and has been around since 1947. While they are most famous for their buffalo meat, they also offer plenty of great options for elk and wild boar.

You can call or order directly from their website at Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat | Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Company ( in a new tab.

Prairie Harvest Specialty Foods

This company is based out of South Dakota and sells both restaurants and individuals thanks to their website and online store. Here you will find plenty of excellent elk options, as well as wild game birds, buffalo, deer, rabbit, and duck.

You can find their online store at Prairie Harvest Specialty FoodsOpens in a new tab.

Northstar Bison

Another company that primarily deals with bison meat, Northstar Bison, is based out of Wisconsin and has a growing elk herd to keep up with the rising demand for elk meat. In addition to their all-natural bison and elk meat, they provide grass-fed beef, sheep, and rabbit.

You can order from Northstar Bison at Northstar Bison | 100% Grass Fed & Finished, Field HarvestedOpens in a new tab.

Wildlife Lakes Elk Farm

While other farms and companies focus on bison and have elk on the side, Wildlife Lakes focuses on elk and only has a small bison herd. This means you are getting some of the best farm-raised elk that the state of Iowa has to offer.

You can order directly from them at All Natural Elk Meat & Products | Wildlife Lakes Elk Farm | Burlington, IAOpens in a new tab.

Final Thoughts

Elk meat is not only very nutritious but can be a great way to eat healthily. While most people assume it is extremely expensive, many new farms and ranches are beginning to raise elk to meet the rising demand for this delicious meat. 

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