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What Did ClassicGunsInc.Com Do?

John Gillette and Alan Feldstein officially launched Classic Guns Inc. in 1995, close to a decade after they started refinishing firearms for clients and friends. 

Gillette was an experienced machinist and expert at firearm refinishing. Feldstein was an expert in firearms and research. The two leveraged their experience and knowledge to launch a successful business refinishing old rifles and pistols.

Some of the firearms that Gillette and Feldstein specialized in refinishing were the Colt SAA and Ruger SA revolvers and the Winchester 73, 76, and 86. 

Services included bone and charcoal case coloring and annealing. The base price depended on the size of the firearm, with pistols costing less to refinish compared to rifles. Checkering, engraving, and chroming options were also available.

Classic Guns Inc. was based in Crete, Illinois. The only employees were Gillette and Feldstein. Along with refinishing firearms, the duo sold classic rifles and pistols. Unfortunately, Alan Feldstein passed away in 2010. Gillette continued to run the business for another decade before deciding to close shop. 

Refinishing and selling firearms required the owners to possess a Federal Firearms License (FFL). The cost of obtaining an FFL in Illinois increased in recent years. The state also introduced stricter regulations for FFL holders, which added to the costs and challenges of keeping Classic Guns Inc. running.

After closing his business, Gillette decided to sell the domain name. acquired, adding to a growing list of domains.

What Does Do? is an educational website for those interested in optimizing their health through fun, outdoor activities. The website includes in-depth articles discussing archery, hunting with different types of firearms, and exploring the outdoors. 

A fitness buff that worked in the medical field founded the website several years ago. As with Gillette and Feldstein, the founder of used his background and experience to launch a successful venture. His medical background included work in adult social care, including caring for his own parents as they dealt with various health issues. 

His knowledge at work and caring for his parents led him to want to share health and fitness advice with others. This led to the development of

The website helps people spend more time outdoors participating in healthy activities like hunting and archery. Beginners can learn more about getting started with these hobbies. Articles on the site cover recommendations for selecting equipment and comparing products.

The staff writers include a skilled hunter and a professional nutritionist. The diverse range of skills and work experiences from the team at ensure that readers gain access to a variety of helpful information. 

The acquisition of is one of several acquisitions that has completed. The website continues to grow its readership and reach through acquisitions and a growing list of informative articles.

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Some of the hunting weapons discussed include: also discusses hunting with different types of ammunition, such as:

TheBodyTraining has also acquired domains from:

To learn more about improving health and fitness with outdoor activities, visit

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